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Hammer Building Plaza Level (detail shots), 2007 Book, 42 pages

Set of Three, Edition of 25

The first page of the book is an image of a section of drywall that was discovered in the hammer building section of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in 2006. The discovered piece of wall contains multiple layers of paint that have been used for exhibitions over the last 20 years. The image of the wall on the first page of the book illustrates the multiple layers of paint that the extracted wall contains. Each wall color has been sampled (with the eye drop tool in Photoshop) and printed digitally. Each sampled wall color has been paired with the title of the actual exhibition that the sampled wall color was used for. Each page contains the title of the exhibition, the dates of the exhibition and the final attendance. All of this information is printed on transparency film that is placed on top of the color field digital print. There are 42 pages total. Image flat copy.jpg crop.jpg